my whips dont lie


Star Wars AU: Everything is the same, except R2-D2 doesn’t make beeps and whistles, and is instead voiced by Kayne West, who is given no script but is just reacting to all the crazy space shit going on around his little robot homie.




I’m not saying I want to be a dragon.

but if the opportunity came up to have wings and a tail implanted along with the ability to breathe fire, I’d take it.

Would there be a waiting list for this procedure?

The waiting list is made up of all the notes on this post in order so reblog quickly and save your spot in line.


Stop being so cute, Maya!

Even more……….. Oh my, I can’t even




I can’t wait to get married because its like a sleepover every night with your best friend.

That’s the cutest description of marriage I’m not even joking

It’s better than ‘betting someone half your stuff that you’ll love them forever’

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rapunzel rapunzel throw down some sick beats





so one time when i was in 8th grade my school went on a camping trip at this camp and at night we all went around the campfire and told stories

and one of the instructors pointed up at the hill where a bunch of deer had gathered. he explained that baby deer make certain noises to call their mothers over. he said if we were really quiet we could hear them

suddenly this huge black guy came out from the forest and yelled YO MAMA WHERE YOU AT

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don’t believe any boy who says “i’m not like other guys” unless he has snow-white hair, glowin green eyes and can walk through walls, disappear and fly 

A fucking list of pokemon movies because reasons


  1. Mewtwo Vs Mew
  2. The Power Of One
  3. Spell Of The Unown
  4. Celebi: Voice Of The Forest
  5. Pokemon Heroes
  6. Jirachi: The Wishmaker
  7. Destiny Deoxys
  8. Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew
  9. Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The Sea
  10. The Rise Of Darkrai
  11. Giratina And The Sky Warrior
  12. Arceus And The Jewel Of Life
  13. Zoroark Master Of Illusions
  14. Black - Victini And Reshiram / White - Victini And Zekrom
  15. Kyurem Vs The Sword Of Justice

you’re welcome


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